Useful Photo Editor by Aviary for iOS and Android

On desktop platforms, and some time on mobile devices, shortage of photo editors no. Any user can find an app to taste, simple or complex, with a huge feature set or equivalent Paint. In this review, we will focus on something average. So, meet the app called Aviary.

Platform: iOS/Android

Price: FREE

Download Photo Editor by Aviary in the App Store or Google Play


— a large number of features

— friendly interface

— high-speed

— downloads for iPhone and iPad


— not a very convenient arrangement of tools.

It is noteworthy that this program has existed for quite a long time and is popular on the two largest mobile platforms. But before its appearance as a separate app Aviary was a powerful plugin for the gallery. However, in 2012, developers decided to extend the functionality of Aviary and turned it into a full-fledged and a quite convenient photo editor for iOS and Android.

To start working with this editor is very simple – users can select the desired image. Picture or photo can be found either in the built-in gallery or take a new picture on the built-in camera of a smartphone or tablet.

Almost all editors and Aviary is no exception, have standard options to modify the image parameters. The main criteria were brightness, saturation, contrast, and so on. By pressing the selected parameter appears one or more sliders moving which you can edit the selected parameters.

Картинки по запросу Photo Editor by Aviary

But in addition to a set of standard tools in the Aviary, you can also find so much more interesting. For example, with the help of this photo editor, users of smartphones and tablets will be able to change the focus or remove the red-eye effect.

In addition, Aviary has a tool that will allow you to lighten part of the image or remove defects with a set of special brushes. Of course, such pre-defined tools help not in all cases. But with their help, anyone will be able to achieve good results. However, it should be noted that in the case of the brush set, users will not be able to specify the exact size of the tool. The only thing they can choose is one of several available sizes. To simplify the editing process, in this case, is zooming in on the photo. Likewise works and painting – choosing brush size and color, then you can start to be creative.

When working with text, users will have a little more “freedom”. They will be able to choose the location of the text, its color, size and font. Available fonts not so much, only 8 pieces, but there is an interesting possibility of an automatic location of text in upper and lower part of the figure. This option should appeal to the creators of Internet memes and demotivators.

Not done in Aviary without all kinds of frames, color effects and overlays. On the photo you can put cat ears, a tattoo, mustaches and many more interesting stickers. It is worth mentioning that almost all of these “stickers” are paid. Frames and other accessories are sold directly in the app for real currency. Obviously, the purchase of effects and stickers wholesale will have a positive impact on the final amount.

The creators of Aviary work on it for a very long time. The project, begun in 2001 and during this time the developers have done a great job. It is worth noting that this image editor has its own SDK Toolkit. With it, developers can implement in your application some of the features of the Aviary. Moreover, the programs is not limited to, the features editor, you can add on a web page.

As mentioned above, Aviary is available on several platforms. The application can be found in the Google Play and App Store. Supports all mobile devices from Apple running iOS 7.0 and above.

To summarize, we can say that Aviary can rightly be considered one of the best photo editors for mobile devices. The application stands out from the competition a simple and friendly interface and boasts an impressive set of features. In addition, the app can be downloaded absolutely free of charge, except for additional sets of effects and frames.

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