Shortime for iPhone – Timelapse Camera

I’m sure everyone ever has seen examples of time-lapse videos. For example, the erection of a building in a single clip, fill the stadium with spectators, the growth of plants, the sunrise or sunset. These videos are made as follows: the camera is mounted on a tripod and not moving, in the settings or VIA software configured to take pictures every “n” seconds or minutes. At the end of the process you removed (it might take minutes, hours or even days) these images are rendered in the video. It is not strange that for smartphones there are also a soft.

The simplest example is the Shortime app, released for iPhone. I might use it, so managed to download it for free before the new year holidays, during sales. All the functionality and the essence of the application is placed on the three screenshots, even with a strong desire to take anything off.

The main screen allows you to move immediately to the shooting, after adjusting four parameters: the name of the video, the duration of the session (for example, know that the process will last at least an hour – I put 60 minutes), snapshot interval (from one second to two minutes) and shooting in 720p. After these simple settings and fixing iPhone you need to shoot the spot, you can press start.

In the settings, you can select an alternative resolution of the images, the delay before recording begins and the number of fps in the finished video. The third menu item – gallery a video ready.


At the end of the shooting time or pressing the stop button, if you filmed everything I wanted before the program starts to render the video. Unlike analog for Android, LapseIt app crashes.

That’s all, nothing more to tell. But no, because the whole point is not in the application, and the result obtained with its use. Unleash creativity: shoot a time lapse here, then add the tilt-shift effect in another program (soon to be reviewed), music and share your creativity!

Shortime only costs 99 cents in AppStore

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