10 Best Free Photo Editing Software

App photo editing has always enjoyed great popularity on mobile devices. No matter whether we are talking about the owners of the iPhone, smartphones running Android are not always high-quality cameras or members of the family of Windows Phone with the eternal lack of apps — save to device memory the best moments of life everyone wants. Increasingly it is not just about photography but also artistic treatment to hide the shortcomings of the camera or slightly to embellish reality. We collected the best apps for three mobile platforms that do well with these responsibilities, and most importantly — are not forced to spend money on processing the images using basic functionality.
Instagram (iOSAndroidWindows Phone)
Best free photo editor: Instagram
Start a collection the right way with an application that has become a promoter of mobile photography, as well as the main destination when sending in Internet best shots. In addition to the functions of the social network in Instagram there is a built in photo editor that is more functional. I am particularly pleased that the developers have decided to gradually move away from one-touch editing with the limited number of filters with more fine tuning the final image. Anyone who is not ready to install unnecessary apps to the smartphone, will have the functionality of the official client Instagram.
VSCO Cam (iOSAndroid)
Best free photo editor: VSCO Cam
Photo editor VSCO Cam from Visual Supply company Co — the best tool for processing images on smartphones and tablets running iOS and Android. The fact is that working professional photographers, primarily creating expensive tools for professional photographers around the world. The mobile app is more like a hobby, but it feels no less serious approach. Tools for retouching and fine-tuning images, beautiful and high-quality filters, collaboration and popular photographers and brands to create new effects – all this makes VSCO Cam the best choice for mobile photos. We should also mention the built-in camera and the ability to publish images in their own photographic social network VSCO Cam.
Snapseed (iOSAndroid)
Best free photo editor: Snapseed
Company Nik Software, which developed the app Snapseed, is also involved in the creation of professional tools, while their mobile app is not interested in Google. For some reason, the project ceased active development, but still remains a favorite tool for adding gloomy dramatic color effects on your photo. In strengths, you can write a user-friendly interface and extensive features and processing. Weaknesses include the abandonment of the project by the developers, but it if to carp.
Autodesk Pixlr (iOSAndroid)
Best free photo editors: Autodesk Pixlr
To develop applications Pixlr had a hand in Autodesk involved in the production of professional tools for working with graphics. Mobile application, in turn, was very easy to use and suitable for even the most non-techy people. The set includes hundreds of different effects and filters, dozens of layouts to create collages, tools for artistic blur and highlight a certain color in pictures. In other words, there are all the most useful and popular functionality to handle images before you publish to Instagram and other social networks.
Fhotoroom (iOSWindows Phone)
The best free image editors Fhotoroom
Fhotoroom — a kind of VSCO Cam for iOS and Windows Phone. If on the first platform because of the greater choice of software to talk about some special popularity does not have to, to Lumia smartphones and their classmates Fhotoroom definitely in demand. The developers have provided a maximum of functions, from adjustment of individual parameters of the frame and the photo filters, to various frames and collages. For smartphones running Windows Phone it is the best photo editor.
Rookie (iOSAndroid)
Best free photo editors: Rookie
Rookie photo editor is meant for those who like to cultivate images of “antique”. Add vintage frames and filters, different textures and light effects, stylized lettering and stickers, and a standard set of tools for retouching Rookie provided more than ten million users. The app is available for iOS and Android, and also has a tablet version. As for in-app purchases, most of the content will have to buy for the money, but the free option set it is enough for undemanding users.
Aviary (iOSAndroidWindows Phone)
Best free photo editors: Aviary
Aviary photo editor is another member of the family applications all-in-one, which the developers decided to gather the tools for literally every taste. In the Aviary there’s even a built-in painter of Internet memes, what to speak of the presence of hundreds of photo effects, frames, stickers, and tools for retouching. The only problem is the quantity not always means quality. So Aviary, in contrast to the aesthetic VSCO Cam, more suited to the masses and undemanding mobile photographers, ready to dig in an enormous number of instruments.
Phonto (iOSAndroid)
Best free photo editors: Phonto
It so happens that on the photo is not enough to impose one or more filters and come up with witty accompanying caption in Instagram. On some pictures and asks some bold lettering, to help unpack meaning, emotions or feelings of the photographer. Probably one of the most popular apps for this — Over. However, if the need for regular adding text to photos, or want to try these editors in the case, you should install Phonto. Download this app free and use a basic set of fonts. Like it? Then welcome to the in-app purchases, or go to App Store to search for other similar programs to maximize the available set of fonts.
Fotor (iOSAndroidWindows Phone)
Best free photo editors: Fotor
Edit photos and create collages are two main functions of the app Fotor for mobile devices running the three major mobile operating systems. It can help you crop the frame, adjust color, add artistic effects, stickers, frames and labels. The top three photo editors Fotor app can hardly write it, but still it is worth paying attention to all active users of the smartphone camera.
Hipstamatic Oggl (iOSWindows Phone)
Best free photo editors: Hipstamatic Oggl
The developers of Hipstamatic Oggl decided to compete with yourself Instagram, offering users another place to the publication of the images. Needless to say, that this idea is not shot? However, if you close your eyes for this failure, we have a good built-in photo editor for styling images under the old working vintage cameras. As is usually the case for full access to all the tools you will have to pay, but even basic functionality would be enough for many users, especially if we talk about the poor quality photo editors on the Windows Phone platform.

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